Loads of Colors were JUST ADDED! Thanks for making it our busiest summer yet! -Hans

Introducing the best way to float the day away. Say goodbye to flimsy, floating mats of yesteryear and say hello to the Sunchill.

Designed for boaters by boaters. Engineered to chill.

Comfort is a big thing, right? It's also our main focus. Whether that is comfort for sun worshippers who always want their butt in cool water, your kids looking to play safely in the ocean, or your in-laws from upstate who never really enjoyed swimming when they can't see the bottom, the Sunchill will bring them all a new level of comfort in the water.

Sunchill is the best ocean floaty

all smiles, all day

Portable and Storable

Man carrying Sunchill lake floaty
5 year warranty for Sunchill floaty, the best water hammock

Let's party hardy

quick & simple

Sunchill is the best boat float for boat owners
Sunchill is the best ocean floaty

super durable

Stainless D-Ring

The most durable lake float is Sunchill
Group of people enjoying the Sunchill lake float water hammock

All yours for $699


Unboxing the Sunchill