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Your questions, answered!

All the friends you'll make each time you pump it up, ha! But seriously, it's the last float you'll ever buy. There is no weight limit (your 220lb bro can cannonball into it all day), it's dog-proof (all pup damaged covered in the 5-YEAR warranty), it packs into a small bag (22x12x10") that weighs only 20lbs, and it pumps up in 90 seconds (faster if you've got something to prove!).

You know it! We have the Megachill and the Fill-Up Station cooler float. 

The Sunchill warranty covers you for a period of 5 YEARS after delivery. Yes that is correct. We want you to have FUN on the water. Enjoy your Sunchill, if you ever have a problem with it just let us know.

Should you discover a manufacturing defect, you'll receive a replacement. Should you damage your Sunchill beyond repair, you'll receive a replacement (within reason, don't run your boat over it or set it on fire). Should you require a repair of any sort, we'll send you all the tools needed or we'll send you prepaid shipping label and complete the repair in our workshop.

Contact us if you have any problems.

You bet it is. Quick too! Your order will ship within 1 business day by UPS Ground from out workshop in Vero Beach, FL. Shipping times are overnight to Florida, 2 days to the Southeast, 3 days to the Midwest and Northeast and 4 days to the West Coast. Free shipping to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. International shipping is as low as you can imagine, USD$65 to Canada, USD$85 to Mexico, USD$129 to Europe, USD$129 to Hong Kong, and AUD$200 to Australia.

Yes, a very nifty portable pump is included with each Sunchill. It is a dual-action hand pump meaning it inflates on both the up and down strokes. This makes quick and efficient work of inflating the Sunchill. It takes 90 seconds to inflate to 6 PSI, no joke! The pump also makes it simple to fully deflate and fold up the Sunchill as it has both deflate and inflate functions. Lastly, the base and handles are removeable for compact storage.

Electric pumps work fine with the Sunchill as well. We recommend this one for an affordable plug-in version or this one for a high-end rechargeable version.

We made something a little crazy, the Megachill! It's a 12ft wide monster that can fit a yacht-worth of friends. A true spectacle on the water.

I never want to become a part of what I call the disposable water toys industry. Plastics have become all too common a component in our lives and, for single-use products, plastics are certainly a problem we all must address. If you're looking to use something for just a day and either break it or throw it out then you can look to the pool section at Walmart. If you're looking for something that is long-lasting you go with the Sunchill. It is that first category of plastic products that we all must think twice about. Quality PVC products like the Sunchill are built-to-last and will provide years of fun for your friends and family. 

The Sunchill itself weighs 17 lbs. The pump weighs 2.5 lbs and the bag weighs 1 lb. Everything in the bag with the pump weighs 20.5lbs. It deflates and folds up for easy storage. The dimensions inflated are 7ft 10in wide by 5in tall. The dimensions deflated in the bag, with the pump, are 22in x 12in x 10in.

Depends on how friendly the girls are! 4 adults is comfortable, 5 or 6 adults works fine you'll just all be a little close. More than 6 adults is not something I can recommend but if you're having a good time and you have a few extra friends why not?

Absolutely, kids love the Sunchill. Good luck getting them out of it. Of course we always recommend a lifejacket and close adult supervision for all children in the water.

Yes! All dog damage is covered by the Sunchill 5-year warranty. Let them have at it and please send pics for the pup banner we display at the boat shows.

Yes I am happy to ship a Sunchill to wherever you call home. I want the Sunchill to travel far and wide so shipping rates are as low as I can get them. Contact me for a shipping quote. 

Quick reference, free shipping to Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands. International shipping is as low as you can imagine, USD$65 to Canada, USD$85 to Mexico, USD$129 to Europe, USD$129 to Hong Kong, and AUD$200 to Australia.

My what?! Just kidding, if you would like to return your Sunchill please contact me within 30 days of delivery. I will cover return shipping costs and send you a full refund.

Yes, you can read the Facebook reviews here and the Google reviews below. I don't post any reviews on my website directly since I want it to be crystal clear that these are independent reviews. Just in case you are wondering, my 4 year old niece loves her Sunchill and DEFINITELY recommends you buy one ;)