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Fill-Up Station
Fill-Up Station

Fill-Up Station

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Experience The Ultimate Cooler Float | Fill-Up Station by SunChill

The Fill-Up Station by Sunchill is your new packable, portable, and super-durable cooler float. Made of reinforced PVC with welded seams, the Fill-Up Station cooler float can handle all the beers and ice you can throw at it.

  • Inflates in 20 seconds with the Sunchill pump or any regular paddleboard pump
  • Will fit the YETI 45, the RTIC 52 and most medium-sized rotomolded coolers
  • Inside dimensions are 27" x 17" - those are the maximum outside dimensions of a cooler it will fit
  • Packs down to the size of a football when deflated
  • Includes 1 stainless steel D-ring and 1 fill valve
  • No weight limit, load up you cooler and float it along with you all day
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA