Loads of Colors were JUST ADDED! Thanks for making it our busiest summer yet! -Hans


Sunchill, the ultimate water hammock, came to life in early August 2020 after years spent brainstorming ideas for more fun on the water. Growing up my friends and I spent a lot of time afloat, looking out onto the water, thinking of the best way to enjoy the water with a drink in hand. Like most of us we were always trying to take our leisure game to the next level. Yes we had floats. Yes we tried out the party islands from Costco and yes they were all great fun until they weren't. They leaked air, the big ones weighed a ton, they couldn't hold more than a person or two, if you leaned too far to one side the whole thing flipped. You know how it goes. 

Eventually the idea of an inflatable water hammock that featured a supportive net in the middle of a ring entered the realm of possibilities and things started ticking along. First the breakthrough figuring out how to perfectly curve the dropstitch fabric, similar to the material used to make stand-up paddleboards. Then the heat-welding of the seams to prevent air from leaking, forever. Afterwards the perfecting of the poly-pro netting that ties the whole concept together while keeping our butts afloat. Finally, we got to accessorizing our new inflatable water hammock. We went from designing the first-of-their-kind detachable drink holders, sizing up and choosing materials for the bag, finding a pump supplier, and then onto testing. 

Fast forward a couple dozen prototypes and some risky career decisions and the Sunchill was launched in March of 2021. Since then we have expanded in every imaginable way. From Mom's garage to the back of a friends store room to a 1,500 sq ft warehouse and now to the happiest place of all, a 6,750 sq ft workshop filled with the most colorful and well-built water hammocks you could ask for. 

I am so excited to present the Sunchill to all you water lovers out there who are looking for the most fun and most relaxing way to enjoy the sun while chilling on the water. I hope you love your Sunchill and that you will tell all your friends about it. 

-Hans from Sunchill