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Sunchill's Top 3 Picks: The Best Lake Hangs in the US

When it comes to basking in the sun and enjoying the refreshing embrace of crystal-clear waters, there's nothing quite like a Sunchill. Sunchill is not your ordinary water floaty; it's a high-quality, incredibly practical alternative to traditional float mats. With its circular design and ultra-strong net, it offers an experience similar to one of a water hammock. If you're ready to elevate your lake lounging game, read on to discover the three best lakes in the US to take your Sunchill to… 1. Lake Norman, North Carolina: Lake Norman, nestled in the heart of North Carolina, is a true gem for Sunchill enthusiasts. Known for its stunning vistas and clear waters, Lake Norman provides the perfect backdrop for a day...

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Lily Pad Alternative

Lily Pad vs Sunchill If you’ve found yourself here, you’ve probably been researching float mats and Lily Pads, looking for the perfect way to spend summer on the water! Investing in a floaty is a great way to create memories with friends and family for years - no seriously - we’ve had our Sunchill for three years now and it’s been the center of our core memories the past few summers. Because what’s better than floating with your favorite people?!  Before you take the plunge and purchase your float mat, let me share a few pros and cons, comparing the Lily Pad and a Sunchill, because they’re very different. I’ve owned both for a few years and have taken them...

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