Unboxing your Sunchill

Good day! Best-use instructions for your Sunchill are spelled out below. I have also made a 7-minute unboxing video if you prefer to watch that on YouTube.



Recommended PSI is 6. As summer temps rise across the country, please avoid storing the Sunchill in direct sunlight out of the water. When your Sunchill is not in the water, exposure to extreme heat and direct sunlight can cause damage to it. When not being used, it's best to store your Sunchill in a shaded location or for it to be kept floating in water. 


Unpacking and Inflating

  • The simplest part! Just open the bag, pull out the Sunchill and attach your pump.
  • To assemble the pump, screw on the handles and the base and screw the hose onto the INFLATE side of the pump.
  • Connect the pump nozzle to the Sunchill and make sure the pin in the valve of the Sunchill is out, meaning not pushed in. Recommended PSI is 6. 
  • There is a D-ring next to the valve that you can use to tie off the Sunchill to your dock or boat and enjoy. This D-ring is NOT designed for towing.
Deflating and Repacking
  • To deflate, open the valve and push the pin in and turn clockwise, the pin will stay in and the air will rush out. The initial burst of air is quite loud but just for a second, then most of the air will have been released and the rest can be rolled out when you fold up the Sunchill.
  • To roll back up, pick any side of the ring and roll it like a burrito, then go to one end and roll it like a tube of toothpaste. That may not make perfect sense, here is a quick video link demonstrating the best way to roll it up. Put the vinyl strap back on it and you'll end up with the same compact nugget that you started with. It will take a few times to perfect, but it is easy and quick once you get the hang of it. Stuff it back in the bag and you're good to go.
  • You can also use your pump to deflate the Sunchill. Screw the pump hose into the side of the pump that says DEFLATE. You can then pump all the air out of the Sunchill for the smallest package possible. 
Drink Holders
  • In the bag you will find two orange Sunchill drink holders, each with a separate velcro patch. Each drink holder is designed to fit a normal 12oz can with a koozie on it. I have not preinstalled them because some customers don't use them, and some want to attach them where they please. 
  • Once you confirm where you want the drink holders placed, you can make your choice permanent by gluing the velcro patch to the Sunchill using the tube of vinyl glue I have included. It dries in about ten minutes. 
    • Your Sunchill is a maintenance free product. There is no requirement to hose it off or wipe it down after use. That said, you may find that you prefer to give it a rinse every once in a while and let it air dry vs always stuffing it back in the bag while wet. Both ways are fine, it's totally up to the user what condition they want to keep their Sunchill.