4 Beach Bag Necessities for the Perfect Beach Day

Beach Bag Necessities For A Day Of Fun In The Sun

Today we're diving into the 4 beach bag necessities you need for a successful beach day. Showing up to the beach with these four, epic beach day essentials will take your seaside experience to the next level. A day at the beach is all about simplicity, relaxation, and soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds you - but let’s face it - bulky beach bags, bad sunburns, or getting your phone wet can all put a major damper on the day. These top-notch products will help make your beach day effortless, safe and  more fun than ever before…

top beach bag essentials for a day of fun in the sun

While there are countless items you could bring, we're narrowing it down to beach bag necessities. Streamlining your beach bag with only the most essential items ensures a carefree and enjoyable experience. Here are four must-have items for your perfect beach day that will take your beach day to the next level.

beach bag necessities

1.The Beach Blanket Bag

Instead of a bunch of bulky towels that will be spilling out of your beach bag (hello long, hot treck sludging through the sand trying not to drop anything!), opt in for this compact beach blanket that doubles as a towel and folds down into a bag itself for effortless carrying! …A beach day essential that will make your life easier. 


one of many beach bag necessities

2.Shibumi Shade

Shibumi Shade is the perfect beach shade weighing only 4 pounds, easy to assemble, and it won't break or blow away in high winds (we’ve all experienced a windy beach umbrella mishap😂)...And because they believe in leaving the beach better than they found it, the Shibumi Shade canopy is made from 40% ocean-bound recycled plastic bottles! Beat the heat and enjoy the shade with this easy-to-use, innovative Shimu Shade.


a waterproof phone case is a beach bag necessity

3.The Ultimate Waterproof Phone Case

Ugo’s ultra-durable waterproof phone case is one of a kind with its functional design, allowing you to use your electronics while they’re still in the waterproof casing. Made to float so you never have to miss a selfie in the water, ugo’s premium waterproof phone cases are designed to go as deep as 20 feet deep for any length of time while protecting your precious electronics. Have peace of mind on your next beach day adventure with ugo’’s beach-day-essential waterproof phone case.  


Sunchill Floaty is a Beach Bag Essential for a succesful beach day

4.Your Very Own Private (Floating) Island

Introducing the ultimate water floaty that folds down to the size of a beach blanket and inflates in 90 seconds  – Sunchill! This innovative and durable water hammock is designed for maximum relaxation on the water. Its unmatched design provides a comfortable and stable reclining position, allowing you to effortlessly float with your entire crew - that’s right, there’s no weight limit. Complete with cup holder attachments, you can keep your favorite beverage within arm's reach, taking your float experience to the next level. Beach days will have a whole new meaning after you experience what it’s like to float on the ocean waves while comfortably kicked-back and relaxed enjoying the beach life never before. Pro tip: Grab a snorkel and go snorkeling right from the Sunchill!

Don't Forget These Beach Bag Essentials

Save this blog and refer back to it for your next beach day so you don't forget the 4 beach bag necessities! This list of beach day essentials also makes for incredible gift ideas for the beach lovers, boaters, and lake day goers in your life. Planning your Spring Break vacation for you and the family? Check out our Spring Break vacation guides for families, here.