5 Best Spring Break Destinations for Families | Top US Destinations

Top Spring Break Destinations for Families in the US

Today we're diving into the best spring break destinations for families in the US. It's that time of the year when families start planning for their spring break vacation, on a mission to create memories that will last forever. If your family loves a good beach day, check out our list of family-friendly spring break destinations…

Orlando, Florida: The Theme Park Capital of the World

best spring break destinations for families 

For families seeking an enchanting mix of magic and excitement, Orlando is a go-to spring break destination for families. Home to Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios, Orlando promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Imagine floating on your Sunchill at a lazy river in one of the water parks, or simply basking in the sun after a thrilling day of roller coasters. With its sunny weather and myriad family-friendly attractions, Orlando is a Sunchill paradise.

Pro tip: Take advantage of Disneyworld’s app that allows you to reserve your spot on their latest and greatest attractions!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Down Home Coastal Bliss

Underrated spring destination for families is Myrtle Beach, SC

If your family enjoys the sound of crashing waves, warm sandy beaches, and a laid-back atmosphere, Myrtle Beach is the ideal spring break destination for families. This coastal gem offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement, with its beautiful shoreline and vibrant boardwalk. Known for typically being more affordable than vacationing on the west coast, Myrtle Beach is an excellent choice for a cost-friendly beach vacation, with a home-grown touch. Imagine inflating your Sunchill on the beach, watching the kids build sandcastles, or enjoying a leisurely float in the gentle waves. Myrtle Beach's family-friendly atmosphere makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a tranquil yet entertaining getaway. 

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona: Nature's Majesty

top spring break destination for families is the Grand Canyon

For the adventurous families who appreciate the wonders of the great outdoors, the Grand Canyon provides a breathtaking backdrop for a spring break escape that the whole family can enjoy. Hike along the rim, embark on a family-friendly river rafting trip, and marvel at the stunning geological formations.

Pro tip: Kids 16 and under gain free admission to Grand Canyon National Park!

San Diego, California: Sunshine and Seaside Delights

San Diego California is a perfect family friendly spring break destination

San Diego's mild climate, pristine beaches, and host of family-friendly attractions make it an excellent spring break destination for families of all sizes. With its world-renowned zoo, Legoland, and numerous outdoor activities, San Diego caters to families with diverse interests. Picture yourself on your Megachill, floating in the calm waters of Mission Bay with the whole family or enjoying a picnic at Balboa Park. San Diego's laid-back charm and array of attractions ensure a spring break filled with sunshine and seaside delights for the whole family.

Pro tip: Seaworld offers a “kids free” package with free-admission, learn more here: https://seaworld.com/orlando/vacation-packages/kids-free-package/#:~:text=Free%20child's%20admission%20

Outer Banks, North Carolina: Coastal Adventure

one of the best spring break destinations for families is outer banks in North Carolina

For a more off-the-beaten-path spring break experience, consider the Outer Banks. This string of barrier islands along the North Carolina coast offers a unique blend of natural beauty and outdoor activities. From exploring historic lighthouses to engaging in water sports, the Outer Banks provides a diverse range of family-friendly adventures. Unpack your Sunchill on the shores of Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and relish the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean with your loved ones. And of course the teens will love exploring the iconic area to spot shoot locations from the Netflix show, “Outer Banks”!

Which Of The Spring Break Destinations Are You Taking Your Family?

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Spring break is a perfect time for families to create lasting memories together, and choosing the right destination that keeps everyone entertained can make all the difference. Whether you opt for the enchantment of Orlando, the coastal bliss of Myrtle Beach, the natural majesty of the Grand Canyon, the sunshine of San Diego, or the coastal adventure of the Outer Banks, Sunchill is sure to enhance the fun, relaxation, and sense of togetherness. With its heat welded seams and 5 year warranty, it really is made for family adventures…Taking only 90 seconds to inflate and compact enough to fly with, Sunchill is the perfect companion for any of the spring break destinations we listed above. Learn more here