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4 Pool Party Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Are you ready to turn your poolside party into the hottest hang spot in town? Look no further – we've cracked the code on the four must-have pool party essentials that will transform your ordinary pool party into an unforgettable summer extravaganza. Brace yourselves for the ultimate pool party essentials line up, starring the one and only Sunchill!

1. Sunchill – The Ultimate Pool Floaty:

   Let's kick things off with a splash – introducing Sunchill, the game-changing floaty that can hold ALL of your friends comfortably - Say goodbye to small, flimsy inflatables and hello to the floating private island you’ve been meaning to buy;) With an unlimited weight limit and a dog-proof design, there's no doubt that this is would make our list of pool party essentials. Sunchill invites everyone to the party – including your furry friends! It packs down to the size of a sleeping bag for easy storage and is your one way ticket to hassle-free sun-soaked bliss (unlike those bulky, floppy, uncomfortable, too-big-to-store float mats!). With heat-welded seams and a 5-year warranty, Sunchill is here to make waves for years to come. Bring all of your friends together with this mega pool floaty that blows all other floaties out of the water! 

pool party essentials - Sunchill Pool Floaty 

2. Light it UP! Floating light-up pool pods!

Nothing says party like floating pods that light up in different colors to bring the energy! These floating pods are essential for a successful pool party because they turn your pool party into a nightclub. Who wouldn't love an awesome waterproof, floating, atmosphere pod! Seriously, check these out…(Click Here)

Pool party essential floating glow in the dark pool pods

3. Cheers to THAT - the portable margarita machine every pool party needs…

This mini margarita machine complete with a spout for easy bartending is the pool party essential that truly brings the party! Portable and easy to use and store, this gem of a pool party must-have is well worth the delicious, refreshing #MargaritaMemories you’ll make poolside for years to come… (Click Here)

pool party necessity margarita machine

4. Toss me a can! Floating Fill-Up Station by Sunchill:   

Last but not least we have our final pool party essential, Sunchill's floating beverage station! Whether you’re looking to stay hydrated with H2o or sip from your favorite canned beverage, Sunchill takes relaxation and convenience to the NEXT level with their floating fill up station for easy access to beverages (and lunch, if you wish!) This ingenious addition keeps your cooler afloat in the water, assuring you never have to experience the hassle of getting out of the pool just to grab your favorite beverage or snack…BRILLIANT! 

Pool Party Fun is Just Around The Corner

There you have it…The Ultimate Pool Party Essentials! Get ready to make a splash, create lasting memories, and turn your pool parties into lifelong memories with the people (and pups) you love! With Sunchill leading the charge, your summer get togethers are destined to be legendary!