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5 Boating Essentials For Your Next Trip To The Sandbar

 5 Boating Essentials For Sandbar Success

Summer is just around the corner and boaters are preparing for some sandbar fun. We've covered beach bag essentials but today we're diving into the five boating essentials you need to make a sandbar trip as fun as possible. Be sure to snatch up these items quick because it's heating up and you'll want to be prepared before you first day on the water.

1. Sunchill Water Hammock: Relaxation Elevated

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First on our list of boating essentials is the Sunchill. The Sunchill Water Hammock isn't just any floaty—it's the world's first-to-market water hammock designed for ultimate relaxation on the water. With extreme durability and a reassuring 5-year warranty, it's a favorite among boaters seeking comfort and quality. Made with premium materials and an innovative design, the Sunchill elevates your sandbar experience to new heights of leisure. Starting at the size of a beach bag, Sunchill inflates into a floating oasis in just 90 seconds, disrupting the float industry by creating such a high-quality, premium floaty that is also compact for easy transportation and effortless storage. Check out Sunchill HERE


2. SandShark SuperSport Anchor: Peace of Mind on the Sandbar


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It's hard to have fun at a sandbar if you can't anchor properly which is why the SandShark made our list of boating essentials. The only thing that should be floating away is your worries - with the SandShark SuperSport Anchor, peace of mind is what they had in mind when they created this super-anchor. Perfect for shallow waters, beaches, shores, and sandbars, this pontoon anchor kit ensures your boat, jet ski, or tritoon stays safely in place. Crafted from reinforced nylon, high-strength composite resin, and aircraft-grade aluminum, the SandShark anchor is designed for durability and reliability. Its auger design creates a suction effect, providing tremendous holding power and security on the sandbar! Check out the SandShark HERE


3. Drink Dispenser Cooler: Refreshment on Demand


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It's hot out there and staying hydrated is important so there's no doubt a cooler would make our list of boating essentials for a day full of fun at the sandbar. Did you know that individuals are 100% more likely to have a full day of fun when they’re hydrated with their favorite beverage?! Stay quenched and refreshed with a drink dispenser cooler, the perfect companion for hot days on the water. This innovative cooler not only keeps your beverages cold but also dispenses them conveniently, eliminating the need for constant trips to the cooler. Whether you're sipping on chilled water or enjoying a refreshing beverage, the drink dispenser cooler ensures your thirst is always satisfied! Check out the Drink Dispenser HERE


4. Tipsy Toss Frisbee Game: Fun in the Sun

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Add a playful twist to your sandbar adventures with the Tipsy Toss Frisbee Game. This engaging game combines the classic frisbee with a target challenge, making it perfect for friendly competitions with friends and family. Set up the targets on the sand and test your accuracy while soaking up the sun and sea breeze - have a ball with your crew and watch the time fly by! Check out the Tipsy Toss HERE


5. Good Boat Fenders: Protect Your Vessel


protecting your boat is essential at the sandbar

Protecting your boat important so we made sure to include boat fenders on our boating essentials list. Ensure your boat stays safe from scratches and dings with good boat fenders. These essential accessories provide a cushion between your boat and the dock or most specifically other vessels tieing up, preventing damage and maintaining your boat's pristine condition. Invest in quality boat fenders to enjoy worry-free docking and maneuvering during your sandbar escapades…Well worth it! Check out our favorite boat fenders HERE

***Bonus Item***

6. Sunchill Fill-Up Station: Keep the Chill Going

 Fill Up Station Floating Beverage Station

Complete your sandbar setup with the Sunchill Fill-Up Station. This convenient addition allows you to provide chilled snacks to your Sunchill floaters with ease, ensuring continuous comfort and relaxation throughout your boating excursion. Simply connect the fill-up station to your Sunchill and top off with beverages and sandwiches whenever needed, keeping everyone fueled for a day of fun!

 Guaranteed Fun With The Boating Essentials

With these boating essentials, your boating adventure to the sandbar is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable experience. From lounging in luxury on the Sunchill to playing games and staying refreshed, you'll have everything you need for a fantastic day on the water. Keep this sandbar day checklist handy for your next adventure! Live in Florida? Check out our list of the top 7 sandbars in the sunshine state! Link Here